Buy iPhone 12 PRO Carded


1. If you’ll leave us feedback with Photo AKA “Vouch” you will get 10% ($45) cashback in BTC for this product.
2. We are NOT responsible for any customs charges outside the US and Canada.
3. If there is a problem with your drop and your order is returned to the merchant due to that reason, we will NOT accept your re-ordering claim, please don’t ask.
4. Once you place the order and provide us with details (see “Specs Selection” in the description) for this iPhone12 Pro please wait for us to email you after with a tracking number (approx. 4 – 5 hours).
5. If your order is canceled by the merchant, please contact us, we will check the tracking and re-order, your satisfaction is our priority.


Buy iPhone 12 PRO Carded


Simply put, this iPhone 12 Pro is carded. If you are in the US or Canada we can ship to you using FedEx or DHL.

However, if you are based in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia we will card this directly to your Drop address and provide you with the Tracking Number.

We are professionals and our reviews on Empire Market reflected this statement and will hold the same, if not even higher standards for our shop.

Buy iPhone 12 PRO Carded


After placing the order please email us with the following details (do NOT contact us before with this information).

  • Your Name: Name of the Recipient
  • Your Full Address: Your Drop Address
  • YOUR COLOR CHOICE:  Gold / Silver / Graphite / Pacific Blue/
  • STORAGE: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB
  • CARRIER: This will be “Sim Free” by default

See Apple for more details here


If you are located outside the US and CANADA your order will be shipped to your directly from the carded site which means you might be liable for Customs charges (check with your country laws), if you are unable to pay the customs charges, your order will NOT clear the customs and may be returned back to the sender or else may be creased by customs for not paying the import charges and tracking number will show that status of such orders.


Please note there is NO refund policy for this iPhone 12 Pro, re-ordering is ONLY possible if you don’t receive or order in case it’s lost or damaged beyond use and there is sufficient evidence to support your claim.

We will give all our buyers a fair chance to dispute their orders if there is something wrong with the order and its not the buyer’s fault.

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